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What does RAGA© mean?

How is RAGA® designed for Latina women?

Do I need a prescription to buy RAGA®?

Do you have cream that can help reduce eye wrinkle and bags under my eyes?

How long before I start noticing difference?

What are the best treatments for sun spots, wrinkles around the mouth, and furrows between and over the eyebrows?

At what age should I begin using RAGA® products?

Are RAGA® products expensive?

Do I have to use all the RAGA® products?

Can I purchase these products in a store?

Can someone with fair, sensitive skin use the RAGA® products?

Can a Retinol product be as effective as prescription tretinoin (aka Retin A®)?

Is the Night Cream an anti-aging product?

After applying the RAGA® Night Cream, my skin sometimes gets red?

Are RAGA® products suitable for men?

Should I use the Sunscreen with the Morning Moisturizer-Firmer?

Are your products made with eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients?

What is your return policy?

Do you offer samples of your products?

What forms of payment do you accept?

How much does shipping cost?

Where can I track my order status?


Q: What does RAGA© mean?

A: Dr. Feinberg’s patients coined the word as an acronym for Retinoic Acid & Glycolic Acid, the active components of his Night Cream.
The word RAGA, derived from Sanskrit, also denotes an Indian form of music. In a spiritual sense, it means desire, attraction, passion and attachment, qualities that can be attributed to our RAGA® products

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Q: How is RAGA® designed for Latina women?

A: Latina women tend to have "brunette" skin. RAGA© was inspired by the success of a prescription-based product that worked well on patients with Latin skin. Its potent blend of firming agents, exfoliants, and hydrating properties achieves similar results, keeping the skin looking youthful, firm, and healthy.

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Q: Do I need a prescription to buy RAGA®?

A: A prescription is not required for any of RAGA®'s products, yet they are highly effective due to their use of over-the-counter ingredients in the maximum allowable concentrations.

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Q: Do you have cream that can help reduce eye wrinkles and bags under my eyes?

A: Yes, the RAGA® Night Cream and Moisturizer-Firmer day cream have astringent properties that can tighten the skin, and the RAGA® Moisturizer-Firmer contains ingredients commonly found in creams that target wrinkles and puffiness. Although results may be temporary, daily use can help maintain a youthful and refreshed appearance.

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Q: How long before I start noticing a difference?

A: Most people will notice an improvement in their skin tone within 2-4 weeks.

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Q: What are the best treatments for sun spots, wrinkles around the mouth, and furrows between and over the eyebrows?

A: For sun spots and fine lines on the face, we recommend using the RAGA® night and day creams together. However, for more severe furrows and wrinkles, injectable fillers may be needed for optimal results. We recommend consulting with your local dermatologist or contacting us to schedule an appointment.

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Q: When should I start using RAGA® products?

A: The ideal time to start using RAGA® products varies based on individual factors such as skin type and amount of sun exposure. In general, it is recommended to start incorporating Raga products into your skincare routine in your mid-20s to prevent premature aging.

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Q: Are RAGA® products expensive?

A: While RAGA® products may be considered premium, they are priced reasonably given the high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected for maximum effectiveness.

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Q: Do I have to use all the RAGA® products?

A: Your skin will definitely benefit by using out 3-pack bundle. The Night Cream, Day Cream, and Face Wash have been formulated to complement the effects of each other.

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Q: Can I purchase these products in a store?

A: RAGA® products are exclusively available online.

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Q: Can someone with fair, sensitive skin use the RAGA® products?

A: The Night Cream should be used sparingly on dry skin, 10 minutes after washing. If it causes irritation, please contact us. The Wash and Day Moisturizer are suitable for all skin types.

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Q: Can a Retinol product be as effective as prescription tretinoin (aka Retin A®)?

A: Yes, Retinol products can be as effective as prescription tretinoin (Retin A®) because Retinol can convert into tretinoin when applied to the skin. This conversion can occur in a ten to one ratio, meaning that 1% Retinol can become 0.1% tretinoin. Our formulation utilizes this phenomenon and includes an FDA allowable concentration of Retinol and Glycolic Acid to achieve near prescription strength results.

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Q: Is the Night Cream an anti-aging product?

A: While we cannot make the claim that the Night Cream is an "anti-aging" product, as that would require FDA certification and turn it into a prescription medication, our product is formulated to improve the quality of your skin. With the right formulation, cosmetic products can provide similar results to prescription medications.

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Q: After applying the RAGA® Night Cream, my skin sometimes gets red?

A: It's possible that you may experience some temporary redness or itching after applying the RAGA® Night Cream, especially if your skin is sensitive. However, this should subside within 10-20 minutes. If you continue to experience irritation, please contact us.

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Q: Are RAGA® products suitable for men?

A: Absolutely! RAGA® products are formulated to be effective for all skin types and genders. Many of our devoted customers are men who use the RAGA© Night & Day Creams and Wash with great results.

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Q: Should I use the Sunscreen with the Morning Moisturizer-Firmer?

A: It's recommended to add our Sunscreen to your morning regimen if you expect strong sunlight exposure. Our Sunscreen works well with the Moisturizer-Firmer and is also useful on its own when you'll be in intense sunlight.

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Q: Are your products made with eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients?

A: Yes, our products feature a thoughtfully curated selection of eco-friendly ingredients, sourced from renewable resources. We prioritize ingredients like water, propanediol derived from renewable resources, glycolic acid from natural sources, alpha arbutin sourced from bearberry plants, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, all chosen to minimize environmental impact and provide effective, sustainable skincare solutions.

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Q: What is your return policy?

A: Our return policy allows for returns within 10 days of purchase. To initiate a return, please ensure that the product is in its original box and packaging. Additionally, we kindly request that you email us the reason for the return. Please note that return shipping costs will not be covered by us.

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Q: Do you offer samples of your products?

A: At this time, we do not offer samples of our products. However, we encourage you to explore our product descriptions to get a better understanding of their quality and effectiveness. If you have any specific questions about our products, feel free to reach out to us at info@rxraga.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

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Q: What forms of payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Venmo and Meta Pay. Unfortunately, we cannot accept CODs, personal checks, money orders, layaway, or credit cards with billing address outside the United States.

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Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: We offer free shipping for all U.S. orders and ship UPS.

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Q: Where can I track my order status?

A: We’ll provide you with a tracking number via email. If you’re having trouble locating your order, please contact us, so we can help.

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