RxRaga F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About Raga®

Below you will find answers to our most common questions. If you ever need additional information, please contact us.

Q1: How is RAGA® designed for Latina women?

Q2: Do I need a prescription to buy RAGA®?

Q3: Do you have cream that can help reduce eye wrinkle and bags under my eyes?

Q4: How long before I start noticing difference?

Q5: What type of anti-aging products do you recommend tor loose neck skin?

Q6: What are the best anti aging treatments for sun spots, wrinkles around the mouth, and furrows between/over the eyebrows?

Q7: At what age should I begin using RAGA® products?

Q8: Are RAGA® products expensive?

Q9: Do I have to use all the RAGA® products?

Q10: Can I purchase these products in a store?

Q11: Can someone with fair, sensitive skin use the RAGA® products?

Q12: Can a Retinol product be as effective as prescription tretinoin (aka Retin A®)?

Q13: Is the Night Cream an anti-aging product?

Q14: After applying the RAGA® Night Cream, my skin sometimes gets red?

Q15: Are RAGA® products suitable for men?

Q16: Should I use the Sunscreen with the Morning Moisturizer-Firmer?


Question 1

Q: How is RAGA® designed for Latina women?

A: Latino women tend to have "brunette" skin. RAGA is formulated with concentrations of ingredients that are high enough to be effective with little chance of irritation for them.

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Question 2

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy RAGA®?

A: A prescription is not required for any of the RAGA® products, but they are as effective as Dr Feinberg's prescription RAGA®creams and wash that he dispenses in his office.

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Question 3

Q: Do you have cream that can help reduce eye wrinkles and bags under my eyes?

A: Yes. The RAGA® night cream and the RAGA® Moisturizer-Firmer day cream possess an astringent quality, which can tighten skin. The results obtained from any cream that reduces eye wrinkles tend to be temporary. Most people who hove excess skin around the eyelids usually require surgery.

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Question 4

Q: How long before I start noticing a difference?

A: Most people will notice an improvement in their skin tone within 2-4 weeks.

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Question 5

Q: What type of anti-aging products do you recommend tor loose neck skin?

A: There are really no products that will work well for loose neck skin that you can easily pinch betseen two fingers. There are certain laser treatments that might help, but in most cases surgery is necessary.

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Question 6

Q: What are the best treatments for sun spots, wrinkles around the mouth, and furrows between and over the eyebrows?

A: The RAGA® night and day creams used together make a wonderful regimen for improving the appearance of sun spots and fine lines on the face. For deep furrows and wrinkles, fillers injected into these areas are necessary.

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Question 7

Q: At what age should I begin using RAGA® products?

A: Depending upon your skin type and amount of environmental (especially sun) exposure, you may find these products helpful sometime in your mid-20s.

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Question 8

Q: Are RAGA® products expensive?

A: RAGA® products contain many quality ingredients formulated for Dr Feinberg's patients. He feels that they are fairly priced for elegant products that deliver as promised.

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Question 9

Q: Do I have to use all the RAGA® products?

A: Your skin will definitely benifit by using out 3pack bundle. The Night Cream, Day Cream, and Face Wash have been formulated to complement the effects of each other.

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Question 10

Q: Can I purchase these products in a store?

A: No, they are sold online only at rxraga.com in order to reduce costs so they can be readily affordable to our clients.

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Question 11

Q: Can someone with fair, sensitive skin use the RAGA® products?

A: Yes, the Night Cream must be used sparingly on dry skin (after washing, wait at least 10 minutes to apply). If too irritating, contact us and we can provide a milder formulation to replace the one you purchased. The Wash and Day Moisturizer can be used by any skin type.

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Question 12

Q: Can a Retinol product be as effective as prescription tretinoin (aka Retin A®)?

A: Yes, because Retinol can literally become tretinoin when applied to skin. It can occur in a ten to one ratio. That means that 1% Retinol can become 0.1% tretinoin. Our formulation takes advantage of this phenomenon and uses an FDA allowable concentration of Retinol and Glycolic Acid to achieve near prescription strength.

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Question 13

Q: Is the Night Cream an anti-aging product?

A: When making the claim that a product is "anti-aging', you're implying that it is therapeutic, i.e. a drug. That requires FDA certification and it now becomes a prescription medication. All OTC products being sold as cosmetics can only make claims relating to improvement of skin quality. If the cosmetic products are formulated properly, they can provide results similar to prescription medications.

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Question 14

Q: After applying the RAGA® Night Cream, my skin sometimes gets red?

A: If a product is supposed to do something, it may irritate. Our Night Cream has been formulated to work as well as our prescription anti-aging product. Any redness or itching should only be temporary, lasting no more than 10-20 minutes. If it persists, email or call us and we will send you a substitue Night Cream designed for sensitive skin.

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Question 15

Q: Are RAGA® products suitable for men?

A: Yes. Many of Dr. Feinberg's male patients are devoted users of RAGA® Night and Day Creams and Face Wash.

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Question 16

Q: Should I use the Sunscreen with the Morning Moisturizer-Firmer?

A: If you’re exposed to strong sunlight in the southern states or during the summer in the north, it’s a good idea to add our Sunscreen to your morning regimen. The Sunscreen is formulated to be compatible with our Moisturizer-Firmer. On its own, RAGA® Sunscreen is also useful when you know you will be in strong sunlight.

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