Crema De Noche (Night Cream)

  • $59.95

Our exfoliating RAGA® Night Cream is a great solution for most Latina women and individuals who do not have overly sensitive fair skin. In conjunction with a daily sunscreen and limited sun exposure, using our Night Cream can help to improve the appearance of fine lines, enlarged pores and the general quality and shine of facial skin. Add our Moisturizer-Firmer day cream to your daily routine and notice a more youthful, happier and more confident appearance within the first few weeks!

RAGA® Night Cream was formulated by Dr. Feinberg, who is a Board-Certified Dermatologist. It contains Retinol and a Alpha-Hydroxy along with four lightening agents to provide an effective skin-toning, skin-enhancing and skin-brightening formula.

Our formula is different from all others on the market because the concentration of Retinol is the highest allowed by F.D.A. regulations, in order to ensure better delivery of this retinoid, which can be converted to tretinoin (a.k.a. RetinA®) in the skin. Dermatologists know that tretinoin is the standard for stimulating collagen, protecting elastic fibers and increasing the water content of skin, the factors that create a more youthful appearance. Additionally, an alpha-hydroxy is added to even more enhance the effectiveness of our Night Cream.

Dr. Feinberg has been dispensing this special formula cream to his patients for many years, most of whom are devoted and thrilled with its effectiveness. Dr. Feinberg has been able to duplicate his cream as a product that can be sold without a prescription, but providing the same results that his patients enjoy.

While RAGA® Night Cream can be used on its own for incredible results, using it with the morning Moisturizer-Firmer and Antioxidant Wash will help to you experience the healthy facial skin you’ve been wanting back for years.